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It seemed like there was a need for a website that could provide a base of knowledge in the subject of Forensic Economics. This wiki is brand new and will take some time to get going.

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It is well known that there is a multitude of ways that Forensic Economists approach the same problems, so when contributing please write in a way that indicates that a particular methodology is one of many. Also, because this wiki is brand new, simple definition pages of which there is no debate also need to be added, so please feel free!

Thanks to all who contribute!

Updated: 4/6/2010:

I found a wonderful source of basic defintions provided by the Economics Department of the University of Missouri - St. Louis. A lot of the basic definitions I'm going to include in this wiki will at least in part come word-for-word from this website, which can be found here: . All definitions that are from this source will be denoted by having the text be indented and identified subsequently.


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